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Manage your tasks, your way

OneTaskList is your personal task management tool that synchronises all your ‘to dos’ into one easy view. Set it up in the way that works for you so you can see and prioritise tasks with ease.

  • Tired of juggling tasks across multiple systems?
  • Having trouble prioritising what needs to get done and missing deadlines?
  • Feeling overwhelmed and unproductive?

See how OneTaskList brings all your tasks into one easy to manage view.

Connect to these tools

With OneTaskList, you can connect to as many of these tools as you use. More are being added all the time and if there is another source tool you would like the ability to connect to, you can let us know via the Feedback button.

Microsoft Outlook Emails
Microsoft OneNote
Microsoft To Do
Microsoft Outlook Events
Microsoft Planner
Azure Devops
Microsoft Dynamics 365
Microsoft Project for the Web
Microsoft Project Online
Microsoft SharePoint
Traction Tools

How OneTaskList works

OneTaskList doesn't replace your task management tools - it imports links to your tasks based on the preferences you create, and allows you to manually add tasks as well.

So you can connect all your personal and work tasks and manage them in a single platform.

Connect and import
Work your way
Measure and Learn

OneTaskList features


We dont ask or store passwords, we ask for temporary permission to access your tasks that can be revoked at any time.

Flagged Emails

Flagged/starred emails are a great way to manage tasks… but they’re easy to lose track of as well. Use OneTaskList to gain visibility of these tasks in that pesky Inbox and what you need to action.

Data Protection

We encrypt your data at all points of processing and storage, so we can't even see it ourselves. Check out our security FAQs for more info.


Easily customise each connection so you can import what you need from each system and set up your task board to suit the way you prefer to see and manage your tasks.

Get It Done

When you complete your work OneTaskList synchronises with the tool where it lives and automatically updates the status of the task.


Getting up and running is fast and easy with ‘connect and go’ for most tools.


Have confidence in how long it will take you to do tasks based on the insights gained from what you have done in the past.


All your OneTaskList tasks live in the tools you are connected to, so you can work on them in that tool by simply clicking on the icon to go there.

Make the most of your time

With all your tasks in one place you can schedule and manage the most important work, making more time for the other priorities in your life.

Security and data protection

We understand your data is important. We will never ask for or store your passwords and you are always in control of access permissions.

In addition, we store very little information about you or your tasks on our database and everything is encrypted. We have adopted best practice security across all levels of application architecture.

Check out our security FAQs


Please use the Feedback system for support. We will respond to your enquiries within a day.

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