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Are you tired of juggling tasks in multiple systems? Now you can get things done, your way! OneTaskList keeps all your tasks in one visual board and integrates perfectly with other tools you use so you can get a clear overview of everything on your plate in the one place and focus your energy on the right things. The best part is; OneTaskList doesn't replace your task manager - it imports links to your tasks into it based on the preferences you specify.
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Look, we understand your hesitation. It’s not like we’re Google or Facebook and you’re completely cool with giving us all your data ;) But, we actually store very little about you. We store minimal data about your tasks in our database and we encrypt everything we store so that anyone looking at the database would not be able to read the information anyway.

Check out our security FAQs or contact us for more info.

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Paul McManus

“A couple of years ago I was struggling as I had so many sources of tasks (email, work item tracking, OneNote and plain old tasks). Without a single view of everything I was forgetting tasks or focusing on the wrong tasks. Task aggregation on the personal level was the solution I arrived at. By having a single list I can effectively prioritise everything on my plate and focus on one thing at a time.”


We can help you get organised by showing all your tasks in one place.


Here are some of the services we connect to, if there is something else you need let us know and we will make sure it is on our list.

Microsoft Outlook
Microsoft OneNote
Microsoft To Do
Google Tasks
Microsoft Planner
Azure Devops
Microsoft Dynamics 365
Microsoft Project Online
Microsoft SharePoint
Traction Tools


We dont ask or store passwords, we ask for temporary permission to access your tasks that can be revoked at any time.

Flagged Emails

Flagged/Starred emails are a great way to manage tasks… but they’re easy to lose track of as well. Use OneTaskList to gain visibility of that pesky Inbox and what you need to action.

Data Protection

We encrypt your data at all points of processing and storage, so we can't even see it ourselves. Check out our security FAQs for more info.


Easily configure each connection to import what you care about specific for that system.

Get It Done

When you complete your work we will update the status of the task appropriately where it lives.


Getting up and running is as easy as connect and go for most connections.


Have confidence in how long it will take you to do tasks based on what you have done in the past.


We don’t want to store your email or task details, and since the sytem they are in is better equiped to do it... click on the icon to go there.

Go Home On Time

By not having hidden tasks and being confident in when something will be done, go home on time.


It’s easy to feel under pressure and fall behind with your work when you have so much to do, but OneTaskList can help keep things under control. Connect and import your tasks from multiple systems and view them all in one board.

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Whilst we are in Beta, OneTaskList is free for all to use. We’ll let you know with plenty of notice if we introduce a fee for use.


Please use the OneTaskList Facebook page for support. We will respond to your enquiries within a day.

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